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Services and Philosophy

What approaches do you use to treat pain?

We use state-of-the art techniques to manage and treat acute, chronic, and cancer pain, in order to maximize our patientsí comfort, and their ability to function. Comprehensive pain therapy is achieved through the use of pharmacological, physical, psychological, interventional, neuroblative, and neural blockage modalities. In addition, patients' holistic and spiritual cultural needs are addressed.

What is your practice philosophy?

Chronic pain is often difficult to treat and patients who suffer from chronic pain have often sought extensive medical help with little relief. Each patient's pain is unique. Dr. Jain's philosophy is to approach every meeting with a patient with the notion that "every patient is the only patient." He specifically allots no shorter than 1 hour for an initial evaluation of his new patients and no less than 30 minutes for follow-up appointments. It is important for patients to be able to express all of their concerns and have them systematically addressed.

What distinguishes Dr. Jain's practice from other pain management centers?

Dr. Jain has spent most of his career at teaching hospitals that offer patients pain care. While teaching institutions can be good settings in which to access clinical experts, patient care is often delivered by residents and fellows instead of expert faculty. Dr. Jain created his practice in order to be able to provide the personalized, expert care to patients in the comfort of a private office—where patient care, not teaching or research, is the only objective for both physician and patient.

When is Dr. Jain available to me?

Appointments are available Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Should a patient have a specific concern, Dr. Jain can be reached 24-hours by his pager. If a patient is in intractable pain, Dr. Jain will make arrangements to see them as soon as possible after he receives their call.

What kinds of insurance does Dr. Jain accept?

Dr. Jain's practice participate as a provider in select health insurance programs. Please contact our office to determine whether we participate in your insurance plan.

REAL Talk About Pain

Dr. Jain discusses pain management in RealAudio. Click to hear Dr. Jain discuss contemporary issues in American pain management.

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  5. What are some effective alternatives to pain medication?
  6. In today's advanced healthcare environment, is it possible to spare terminal patients from severe pain?
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