Dr. Marco Pappagallo

Marco Pappagallo, MD

Marco Pappagallo, MD specializes in Neurology Pain Management here at the Rehabilitation Medicine Center of New York. He completed his medical school and a post-graduate training in neurosurgery at the University of Rome, Italy. Subsequently, he moved to USA where he underwent a Neurology residency training at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. In 1990-92 he was clinical and research fellow in pain medicine at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. After his pain fellowship, he became faculty member of the Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Anesthesiology and Medical Director of Chronic Pain at Hopkins. In 1999 Dr Pappagallo moved to the Hospital of Joint Diseases – New York University, NY as Director of the Comprehensive Pain Center. In 2003 he joined the Department of Pain and Palliative Care at Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC, NY as Director of Chronic Pain. From 2006 till 2011 he worked at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC, NY where he held the position of Professor and Director of Pain Research in the Department of Anesthesiology.

In 2010 Dr Pappagallo co-founded the biopharma start-up NovaPharm Therapeutics (NPT – Wayne, PA) where he held the role of Chief Medical Officer. From 2011 to 2017 Dr Marco Pappagallo collaborated with Grünenthal- USA as Medical Expert-in-Residence and Executive Director of Medical Intelligence. In 2014 he was named Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY and in July 2015 Co-director of the Pain Management Center at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ. In January 2018 he joined the start-up biotech CerSci as Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Marco Pappagallo has been the recipient of a host of NIH and industry grants. He currently holds four patents for novel non-opioid analgesic approaches to chronic pain. He has edited and authored four textbooks and more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Dr Pappagallo has been a scientific advisory board member for several biopharma companies and consultant to the US Department of Defense. He received the honorary title of Professor of “Chiara Fama” in biotechnology and medical sciences at the University of Rome, Italy. He has lectured extensively and he is being regarded as a medical expert and key opinion leader in the international field of pain medicine.